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Emergency in Ukraine. What the Italian MS Society is doing

The Italian non-profit sector is fully committed to deal with the war emergency together with national institutions. How to report cases that require support


The dramatic war scenario in Ukraine is worrying and unsettling for everyone. Reports of people needing assistance related to multiple sclerosis are starting to arrive to our call centre. The Italian SM Society is prepared to manage this new emergency with all its branches throughout Italy.


Alongside with the Italian network of non-profit organizations, we took a clear stance since the beginning of the conflict, rejecting war as a means to resolve international issues, highlighting the need to respect human rights, the need to protect refugees with disabilities, serious illnesses and their families.


It is crucial to guarantee respect of human rights and protection of refugees with disabilities and serious illnesses and their families.


«We are in contact with European networks - such as the European MS Platform Societies - and with 2 of the Ukrainian Societies in the country. We are collecting information about people with multiple sclerosis and their families who are planning to reach Italy. We have already received the first reports of people who have just arrived in Italy. We must respond to this dramatic challenge, which comes after really difficult times due to pandemic ", write Francesco Vacca, President of Italian MS Society and Mario Alberto Battaglia, President of the Italian MS Foundation.


In order to give the best support, we activated a dedicated email address: to collect information about individual cases of people with multiple sclerosis.


The Italian MS Society, as always, will provide correct and timely updates to facilitate communication and coordination to cope with this crisis.


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